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Favorable Impression

Last time I talked about how we can answer the Lord’s prayer in John 17 this time I would like to take the same passage and add a twist! 

In John 17:4-26 He shares about glory and His glorifying of God. This comes from a Greek word ‘doxazo’. He means to make known; to make or leave a favorable impression or opinion. 

Jesus glorified the Father when He came to the earth, lived as a man and died on a cross so that we could have eternal. This is the ultimate picture of leaving a favorable impression on the world on you. 

We can make an impression every where we go. This can be a bad or good impression. God calls us to glorify our King through leaving a favorable impression on the world around us! 

Choose today that you will make a difference in the world around you by choosing to leave a favorable impression. 

You might wonder how you can do that. Well the way Jesus left a favorable impression was ‘he came to serve not to be served.’ (Matt. 20:28, Mark 10:45)

Today lets serve those around us and make a favorable impression on the world around us that will glorify our Lord. 

QUESTION: What is something in your life that has made a favorable impression on you? or What is something you have done that made a favorable impression on someone? 

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An Answered Prayer

Community can save a life or kill a life. Determining your community determines your destination.

Recently I had the privilege of helping the Women’s Group department at Gateway Church. I was able to work a temporary support role full time while a friend was out getting married. This position was a blast! I loved the people I was working for and with, as well as I loved the purpose that I was working for.

This position confirmed how I feel about groups and community. Community is something that I am strong supporter of. I believe 100% in the impact community has on people.

Lets take a moment and dive into the word and see what God has to say about community.

In John 17, Jesus is praying right before he goes to the cross. In his prayer, he prayed for unity among the people FIVE times. This is the only thing he prays for multiple times in this prayer. Unity among the people was obviously very important then and I believe still is today.

God knew that without community a life loses life. Maybe God was trying to get us to understand that without the right community we are headed straight off a cliff.

Now when I say community I need to clarify. There are two types of community, there is Godly community and there is negative community. When I speak of community giving life I am talking about the Godly community. Community is a life or death situation.

You can get in a negative community and before you know it you are thinking negatively and headed for death. But when you get in a Godly community, a positive community, you can begin to change your thinking and start to head towards life. But you must remain in community to continue to head down this path.

These past 3 weeks as I worked in groups, I spoke to numerous women that were making a life giving decision in choosing to join community and to get in a Gateway Group. But more importantly these woman were answering the prayers of Jesus’ by becoming unified with each other through community.

Now is the time to decide whether you will answer the prayers Jesus prayed and continues to pray and choose life by joining a Godly community.

Question: What Impact have you noticed through community?

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Comfortable in an Uncomfortable World…

Last night after life group a few of us were talking about being spiritually lazy and using the excuse that we were waiting on the Holy Spirit to move…

Well for some reason that got my mind going on how comfortable we are in this world which in all honesty is quite uncomfortable. Just stop and think about it… Have you ever noticed how comfortable we are in this uncomfortable world?!

I mean our generation seems to get super comfortable with what really is quite uncomfortable.

For example, our music. We listen to it, We sometimes sing along, the youth seem to know every word but not know the meanings (Which might be our fault because we aren’t teaching them.), yet if we truly sat down and listened to the words we would probably get quite uncomfortable. I know I was…

There is a song out right now that says “I may be bad, but I am perfect good at it…” The song goes on to talk about sex and just say really some crazy awkward stuff. UHMM ya that should make us uncomfortable, yet we let it play in our cars and let our spirits soak it in.

I don’t know about you but when I was growing up I was taught between good and bad. I was rewarded for good and disciplined for bad. But now can we honestly say we are teaching the younger generation between good and bad when we are comfortable with that type of stuff.

Now hold on, I am not saying that you listening to this music is bad and everyone needs to go listen to christian music all the time. But I am asking, does the music, TV, Internet, etc. that you are listening to the majority of the time, Does it play a role in who you are when no one is looking?! I would have to say Yes.

Why are we at the place where it is popular now to be bad…

All that to say, If we are getting this comfortable with our intake of music, TV, Internet, etc., Are we too comfortable in our faith?!

Have we gotten to the place in our faith that we are comfortable where we are when God has something so much greater in store for us and all it takes is for us to take one step.

Have you ever thought about why God asks us to take one step towards Him? See I believe one step takes us out of what is comfortable and puts us in the uncomfortable.

God can move in the uncomfortable because you have released the control.. You have to let go to step into the uncomfortable.

The comfortable will never have the opportunity to see a person’s life changed forever because they aren’t willing to get uncomfortable and talk to a stranger.

The comfortable might never see a miracle because they are too comfortable to follow the Saviour to the place of miracles. 

What are you missing out on because you are too comfortable in a life that you are called to be uncomfortable?

Your Destiny is going to be uncomfortable, but the comforter will ALWAYS be with you!

Are you or have you gotten too comfortable in this very uncomfortable world?!

Please understand that you are called to something much greater than the everyday mundane things of life! You have a destiny and you can step into that destiny if you will just chose to get uncomfortable with a comfortable world.

Will you be BOLD and step out and live an uncomfortable life in a awkwardly comfortable world?!

These are just my thoughts that I am processing… I would love to hear your thoughts on this… :D

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Many of you dont know the story behind the famous question so I thought I would share since it happened a year ago today! :) 

2 Days after I went on a date with my dad, Ethan had asked if we could hang out all day Sunday. Of course I said Yes! He told me to be ready at 9:00am!  

At 9 his friend Micah was there to pick me up. Now Micah was dressed in all black including the sunglasses, he played the part just perfectly. But I was a little confused and frustrated as to why Ethan was no where to be found but I enjoyed the moment! 

Micah and I walked out of the house to find a nice black car that I was to ride in the back seat of… Now this was kind of nice. But then Micah asked for my phone and wallet…. This was gunna be different not having a phone and all… lol 

So we were off and a few minutes into the drive he says “What if we stopped and got some breakfast on our way to our location?” being kind I was like sure, thinking it would be some place like McDonalds. But then he suggest Bread Winners in Dallas so we parked. I ask for a table for 3 thinking surely Ethan will show up. Oh but Micah corrects me and says no just for 2. “Really?” I thought. Then this arm came around me and grabbed Micah. Not that I could do much but I was ready to fight! Haha only to turn around and see Ethan! 

They will tell you that I was a blonde and was asking if they knew that each other was here. They say it was all planned! 

So Ethan and I shared a nice breakfast outside, after breakfast he gave me a rose and read a card to me that ended with… “In pursuit of your heart…”

We finished breakfast and I was excited because I thought we would be together the rest of the day but Micah was standing outside this back car with his arms crossed looking just like security! He came and placed me in the back seat. Then went and shook Ethan’s hand. Only to draw more attention people were coming out to look and see who I was because I must be someone famous! Haha! Oh what a first stop!!! 

So Micah and I were off… We headed back to Southlake to the Town Square… He says we are going into Barnes and Noble to burn time and just to catch up but he needs to make one quick stop so we hook a sharp left and we are in a salon. Where I find out, I will be receiving a facial. 

Oh what a treat! Plus it came with a foot massage as well as a hand massage! I could get used to this! ;) 

I told the lady I think I am getting engaged after this so please no oils in my hair. She did amazing! ;) 

At the end, I freaked out realizing I had no phone or wallet what if I finished early. Only to my comfort do I walk out and see a friendly face, Hannah. Now, some would say I asked why she was there…. (some might say, I am a blonde) 

Well we were off to the next stop which was at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens where I had a picnic with Ethan. I really thought now was the time he would pop the question… To my surprise he handed me a second rose and read the 2nd card and it shared with me that he was still in pursuit for my heart! :) 

Hannah then took me back to my parents house… I thought I was done for the day. I talked with them for a little bit. Then my mom took me into her huge bathroom that was decorated with candles, and rose petals, and soft music. Plus another letter and rose. 

The letter informed me that my clothes were picked out and that my date would pick me up at 4pm sharp. 

Well I enjoyed slowly getting ready. My mom did my make up, both my sister-in-laws were there as well as my granny. Plus, My mom let me wear her special pearls! :) This was such a special moment for me. 

Most of you are probably thinking I had it all figured out by now but let me side track for a moment. 

During this time my mother asked me if I knew. I shared with her that I thought he was going to because there was no way to top this day! She told me if those were my expectations then I was not to be going out and she would call Ethan and we could stay here and order a pizza. Well I asked her for some time and told her that I would be fine! Well that threw me off because I have never known my mother to be such a good liar. ;) 

If I may let me side track again. I began writing to Ethan when I felt that he was my husband, so that day I wrote to him. In this writing was the first time I said I love you to him. I also shared with him how through him I have felt God’s love in a greater way, and how grateful I am for him. I gave him this journal on our wedding day! It was a really sweet thing! :) 

Ok back to the story! Well for the first time I was ready at exactly 4pm! :) The doorbell rang and I ran to get it and my mom said wait let me get the camera! So I thought oh yes it has to be Ethan! But to my surprise, my 4 o’clock date was my father! :) (I might have a shed a tear or two…)

We were then escorted around by Josh. Josh took us to the Dallas Galleria. My father then lead me into Tiffany’s. He bought me a necklace while telling me that he didn’t want me to leave the night without a piece of jewelry. He also told me that Ethan and not gotten the ring yet so he was not proposing tonight! 

My father then took me to Five Guys and Fries there in the mall. Which if I might add we did look a little out of place! :) We shared a burger which now I am so glad we did! :) 

We were then picked up by Josh and taken to South Side in Dallas. We went down stairs which looked like we were walking into a warehouse. I looked at my dad asking where are you taking me, But he didn’t seem to know either so he looked a little shocked as well! Or he was a great actor! haha! 

We walked into the most beautiful room! The room was decorated with flowers, candles and a piano! I saw Ethan all dressed up in his suit! :) I kissed my dad goodbye then went onto the stage where Ethan and I began to dance. (more like rocked, because we were both shaking…) 

Ethan told me how much he cared about me and said “I love you” for the first time!

Side track: While Ethan and I were in our dating season, Ethan would always say “In due time…” 

Ok back to the story so he said, “You know how I always say, In due time?, Well its due time…” 

I being me, jumped back and loudly said “OMG, No Way!” I was shocked but everyone that was spying on us thought I said no way as my answer! Humorous! 

But of course I said “YES!” We shared our first kiss and just enjoyed the moment!

My parents and a few of our family and friends came out and congratulated us! My parents prayed a blessing over us! 

We told everyone bye, then Ethan and I stayed there and ate dinner. Which we weren’t too hungry after all of that! 

We then were escorted back to my parents house only to be surprised by many friends and family! 

We are so blessed by great family and friends! 

All that to say, I said YES to the best question ever… Which lead to the best day of my life…. My wedding day! Which lead… to spending the rest of my life with my best friend as well as the love of my life! :) 

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A year ago today I went on a date that I had no idea that it was going to be one that changed my life.

A short story behind it… When I was a little girl, everytime I would drive by the big ball (reunion tower) in dallas I would ask my daddy to take me there.

So on this very special night I went to Reunion Tower in Dallas.This is a night that I will never forget.

At this time, I was dating the guy that I am now married to and I honestly thought I was going to get engaged but something else just as special happened.

We finished dinner and my dad said I have a surprise for you, I started to look around to see if my boyfriend was any where to be seen but then dad pulled out a tootsie roll.

To tell the story behind the tootsie roll is a while before this date, I was not living a life that was pleasing to anyone but myself. I was sick and tired of my life but I didn’t know how to get out. God literally came down and got me out of that tight spot. So I went to my parents to tell them about the life I had been living and how I needed there help to get out.

On our way to talk my dad grabbed a handful of tootsie rolls. But by the end of the talk he just had one left in his pocket.

Like every night he emptied his pockets onto his dresser including that last tootsie roll… Well that tootsie roll made it to our dinner and that night we split a tootsie roll for dessert. I know that sounds crazy but to us that was closing one chapter and opening the next.

2 days later I got engaged to the man of my dreams.

But it all started when I was a little girl giving my daddy my heart.

I am so grateful to have such a great father. He is a man of great character, a great friend, and someone that is always there for me no matter how big or small..

For instance I remember how he would hold me when I got a small paper cut and how he held me through that huge paper cut whispering “Shhh… Daddy is here!”

All that to say a year ago today, I went on a date that forever changed my life.

Thank you daddy for always being there for me no matter how thick or thin. I love you with all my heart, no matter what, forever and always!